Artist: Matthew Dekay
Title: If I Could Fly
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 14 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Madoka Flying Standby Mix

Matthew Dekay "If I Could Fly"

Out Now on Deep Records

Matthew Dekay looks set to be one of the fastest rising stars of 2003, thanks in part to singles such as 'Beautiful Monday' and 'Passion'. With dj support and accolades for this up and coming dj and producer coming from the likes of John Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Harry Lemon and more, his dj and production skills have become noticed by people worldwide, and with a new label of his own in addition to forthcoming material on Sander's own Little Mountain Recordings, things only seem to be going from strength to strength. In the meantime, he's found time to record another single for Deep entitled 'If I Could Fly' and it's another little stormer indeed.

Matthew Dekay's 'Original Mix' brings together atmospheric grooves and organic drum arrangements, slowly constructing itself as a hypnotic bassline sends ripples through the groove as it becomes more dominant within the track, almost like an alien lifeform developing as the main melody filters through and infects the soundscape with it's enchanting harmonies and uplifting strings adding a new edge to the percussion, whilst sending chills down your spine, particularly when the melody enters into it's own solo. If I Could Fly? Don't worry, when you hear this on the dancefloor, you will be already..

Such a well produced original is always going to be hard to top, but if any man could do it, it is New York's Mark Venneri, who as 'Madoka' has earned a reputation for creating one deep melodic epic after another. For this mix, he retains the original's groove, toughening it up with use of deeper drum percussion, building the tempo all the way up until the centre of the track where a mini break brings us into a melodic solo where atmospheric effects continue to push forward, as the beats are brought back in more intense than before, culminating in devasting break that Madoka is earning himself a reputation for being able to create over the last few months. If you enjoyed such tracks as 'Mass' then you will be into this big time. The perfect coupling, set to be repeated when MDK remixes Madoka's new single 'Distant Memories' soon.

Deep continue to excel, with the quality of the past five releases not dropping at all. For a label that focuses on new talent and shies away from the big names, this is an impressive feat which if all other labels sat up and took note of, could really turn the current lull of good music on it's head. Time will tell..

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