Artist: Matthew Dekay Vs Akatishia
Title: Time To Think
Label: Extrema Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 September 2003
  • A: Fourward Mix
  • B: Rewind Mix

Matthew Dekay Vs Akatishia "Time To Think"

Out Now on Extrema Records

Matthew Dekay is one of Holland's brightest young stars. Renowned for both his diverse production skills as well as a dj style which mirrors the same ethos, he has caught the eyes and minds of the world's media and music lovers alike, and so far people have only just scratched the surface in terms of what this man can do. Akatishia are Norman Soares and Frederic Gervais, a forward thinking production outfit who have yet to be heard fully, but are already crafting music using lots of traditional sounds, including jazz. Put them all together and they form the Matthew Dekay Band, but this collective trio have already had the task of creating the theme for the 2003 edition of one of Holland's biggest events, the Extrema Festival, and the track 'Time To Think' was the result.

The first of the two mixes on offer is the 'Fourward Mix'. As the name suggests, this is the more traditional 4/4 version of the track, bobbing beats and a slow groove starting things off in minimal fashion. Swirling atmospheric effects conceal key changing chords which gradually make their way to the forefront of the track as synth stabs rise out of the groove to meet them head on in a mesh of melodic sounds, out of which emerges the big main hook of the track. It's warm melodies seep into your soul, as loops bring the beats back, starting off an upbeat section which soon melts back into a blissful outro. This mix keeps evolving , always having time to think one step ahead, and is reason enough for this 12" to deserve a place in your box.. but..

Don't overlook the 'Rewind Mix' on the b-side. This tight breakbeat reinterpretation retains the atmospherics, melodies and riff of the a-side and really goes to work. Deep breakbeat layers create a moody intro to this mix, backed up by gravely vocals and melodic stabs which all work together to build towards the main break, before falling into a rolling melodic outro that rises and drops in hypnotic fashion. Layers of melody ooze from the depths through every pore, turning this into a devastatingly effect cut to explode on the dancefloor.

Another fine production from Matthew Dekay and friends, which went down a storm at the Extrema festival, and will now go down a storm each and every time you pull it out of your record box. You don't need much time to think about whether to add this vinyl to your collection, you will decide pretty quick indeed if you have any sense.

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