Artist: Max Graham
Title: Coastline
Label: Shine Music
By: Chad Harnish | 19 April 2004
  • A: Club Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Max Graham "Coastline"Max Graham "Coastline"

Out Now on Shine Music

Max Graham has a new outlet for his releases and that outlet is Shinemusic. It is his own imprint and debuts with his first release in almost two years. Already on deck for the second and third releases are Piece Process and Madoka. One would gather that this label from Max Graham is living up to its high expectations.

As a natural follow up to the huge “Shoreline” from Hope Recordings, “Coastline” is a frothing trancer. Tough driving and almost frantic beats introduce the “Club Mix.” Graham builds momentum around mysterious and suspenseful plot lines and brings “Coastline” to a fevered pitch before breaking it down. Here he treats us to the strikingly beautiful female vocals coupled with an uplifting riff. The breakdown is an epic moment true to Max Graham fashion and after it resolves itself, the track is restored to fevered pitch bringing the riff with it. On the opposite side from the “Club Mix,” Shinemusic delivers a riffless version of “Coastline” in the “Dub Mix.” It gives a harder, tougher flavor for those of you with a point to prove.

Max Graham delivers a great peak time track as a promising start to Shinemusic. He returns on remix duties for Madoka on the third release of his label.

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