Artist: Micah
Title: Cry A River
Label: Method Records
By: Jason Calvert | 9 June 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Andrew Kelly Mix

Micah "Cry A River"

Out Now on Method Records

Method Records has been home to some amazing release. Be it the esoteric aura of Sworn's 'Treatment Declined', or the lush atmosphere of Shiloh's 'Latex'. So the expectations I hold for this label are high. You should all be familiar with 'Cry A River', as it has been floating around for a couple years now. Andrew Kelly's rework takes on a different feel, but it provides a great alternative to the original.

Even after all this time, despite what people may say, I think this tune still sounds as fresh as ever. The chord progressions strike up a great vibe to the track, and the fact that the vocals never become overpowering is a testament to this track's beauty. It has that great easy going pace which you can listen to at almost any time of the day. The melodies are simplistic, yet go deep, and the pacing is great. True talent at work here, and this simply reinforces Micah's solid position within the scene.

Andrew Kelly has captured the ears of a vast amount of people in a short amount of time. His SpinCast for us here at [PS] is being hailed as one of the finest due to it's creativity, as his production is of the same high standards. The groove is a lot tougher, incorporating those trademark stutters and tight catchy basslines which he is renowned for. The vocals are pushed further into the back, and the driving feel makes it perfect for those late nights out. Look out for his forthcoming mix of the next Sissy single on Global Underground!

A solid release here which is certainly of the standard most have come to expect when browsing the Method back catalogue. You've no doubt heard the original, and if you liked it, then why not pick up a copy of Andrew's mix to complement it. Solid release overall, and definitely one which I'll be listening to for some time to come.

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