Artist: Midway
Title: Monkey Forest (Disc Two)
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 26 April 2003
  • A: Greg Murray Mix
  • B: Vincent & Quentin Mix

Midway "Monkey Forest (Disc Two)"

Out Now on Lost Language

Hot on the heels of the original 12", featuring the Original and Cultivate mixes of Monkey Forest comes this tougher remix disc which should more than appease those of you who like your trance a bit more bangin. Is that what you get? Let's see..

A squelchy 4/4 arrangement drives us into the start of the 'Greg Murray Mix', soft synths and a rolling percussion line building to a firece bass driven tempo. Soft harmonies play in the background, as we hit the break early on, heading upwards as the key changes and the main melody line enters, opening up into a full on aural assault, much like an emotional rollercoaster ride, looping, twisting and picking up intensity as it grinds all the way to the end.

The final mix sees Vincent and Quentin rework the track into a hard trance style, using dark rhythms and grooves to draw out the beats, with the strings occasionally coming up for air. A twisted break introduces a second layer of effects keeping the tempo up before hitting the wall fall on for the grand finale, as the mix falls apart, having unfolded itself over the last 6+ minutes.

A more potent set of mixes which will get the floor moving with no problem, but it's all perhaps a bit like it's painted by numbers, although you could do far worse than to slip this in the back of your box just in case.. it's upto you.

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