Artist: Mike Monday
Title: Get Down (Remixes)
Label: Whoop Records
By: Simon Jones | 27 November 2003
  • A1: D. Ramirez Mix
  • B1: Sucker DJs Mix
  • B2: Suckeracapella

Mike Monday "Get Down (Remixes)"

Out Now on Whoop Records

Back in the early summer of this year, Mike Monday's feel good party anthem 'Get Down' caused chaos each and every time it was dropped into a dj set, and as 2003 closes and 2004 looms, a set of remixes has arrived just in time for the party season, with both D Ramirez and those cheeky rascals The Sucker DJs adding their own take on one of the year's best jackin house tracks.

Building on the bone shaking bassline of the original version, 'D Ramirez' pumps it up with some heavy drums and pumping sounds which take things off on a whole different tangent altogether, with deep vibrating sounds and that vocoder vocal hook both sending resounding echoes across any dancefloor or soundsystem it touches. If the original didn't make you move, then this devastating motherf*!ker will make you groove.

Not wanting to be outdone, the 'Sucker DJs' splice and dice some funky licks, pulsating sounds and an old skool piano line into their mix like only cheeky bastards as themselves could do, dropping to some wild clapping and yelping as we head into the break. As the preacher style 'to get down' speech takes over, you are left anticipating what shiesty shenanigans are due to unfold next and as the piano kicks back in, it's the soundtrack to one of those moments when the floor bounces in wave like fashion. Some rather blatant tricks are used here, but nothing below the belt, and this is the full on floorfilling mix that the track needed. They may be the kings of bootlegs, but you have to praise them on this occasion, with the added acapella providing a challenge to cause some chaos of your own.

Ending the year on a high note, this remix 12" signifies what Whoop! has been renowned for over the years, and being one of very few labels who have been around for the past 10 years or so now, let's hope they can bring some of that old magic back and surprise us even more next year.

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