Artist: Momu
Title: Descolada
Label: 3Beat Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 3 April 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dislodged Mix

Momu "Descolada"

Out Now on 3Beat Breaks

Momu have made a huge impact on the progressive scene in the short time they've been around, quickly amassing a devoted around America's West Coast and gradually making their presence felt further and further across the globe with such productions as 'This Is Momu' and the groundbreaking track 'The Dive'. With a steady discography of successful singles building, the time has come for their latest, 'Descolada' to join the list, as the latest release on this fast rising new label, 3Beat Breaks, with the remix being the debut co-production of label bosses Mike Miller and Adam Heliwell as 'Dislodged'.

The 'Original Mix' is on slightly different tip to what we've come to expect from Momu. The tempo is slow and lazy with the initial focus being placed on some compacted beat arrangements that build up layer by layer to create a subtle but effective groove. Lush synths and big moods are used to fill out the track, with a lovely floaty feeling leaving it's stamp on the track throughout it's duration. As an old skool electronic riff takes us through the break, a quirky vocal drop moves the tempo into the finale where the pressure gauge is raised slightly, making this a perfect track to drop early in the morning or late at night.

New boys on the block 'Dislodged' retain the main electronic elements of the original, but make it their own, turning in a wicked bass led interpretation that makes it far more accessible. The melodies lead in, but soon big beats and haunting strings enter the fray, with the low sub bass really pushing the track along, without losing the deep and haunting vibe that the strings and melody work together to create. A secondary melody works it's way in at the top as the breakdown hits, gorgeous keys floating up to the surface, building to rumbling climax that is delivered with the same finesse and execution that shines through during the rest of the mix. Make no doubt about it. this Liverpool based duo will ones to watch if this stunning debut co-production from them is anything to go by.

Once again 3Beat Breaks change things up a little, shifting away from the more peak time style progressive breaks of the last few releases, and putting together an addictive little package here is not only versatile, but will have spotters coming up to the booth to ask what it is as they are dazzled by it's brilliance.

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