Artist: Momu
Title: Hydergine
Label: Looq Records
By: Colin C. | 6 June 2006
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Jondi & Spesh Mix
  • 3. Fretwell Mix

Momu "Hydergine"

Out Now on Looq Records

It's been nearly five years since this duo planted a firm stamp on the progressive breaks movement with their first release on Jondi’s own Loöq records. With tracks on such compilations as Renaissance and Global Underground, it's no surprise that Momu is quite a staple with numerous DJs. Here now coming off their first artist album, we find Mark and Jondi going right back to what they do best on Loöq's 42nd release.

We are treated to three very different mixes of Hydergine with this package, each one supplying a different vibe for a diverse crowd. The 'Original Mix' kicks things off with a groovy, big bottom break beat that’s mashed with a low resonating bass pad progression before dropping a distorted lead/fau-guitar by the 2-minute mark. This lead really carries the track into a blissful journey up and away from the simplistic nature of the drum programming. Hydergine is a great example of keeping things simple and yet evoking enough emotion that you don't miss the sweeps and dives that over populate a lot of productions.

With the first mix, Jondi is back with long time partner Spesh to add a four to the floor styling to the original mix. With the tempo kicked up a notch, this version glides along with some filtered out drum hits and quick references to the original lead motif. What I love about this mix is its ability to pay homage to earlier Jondi & Spesh works with its classic arrangements and synths. Fans of 303s and old 808 toms and hats will be into this as the duo work out a trip down memory lane where you might be prone to pulling out the old Trip N' Spin catalog after hearing this.

The second in the running for my favorite mix lies in the hands of 'Tim Fretwell', who is no stranger to making epic, evolving breaks. Here the break gets beefed up with some more techy glitchyness as it evolves around some glowing pads and nasty, quick edits. These emotive pads give way to some creative re-editing of the original lead sound and captivating bass line as it drops into a masterful break down before leaking back into its main groove. Nice, simple arps also add some good texture to the mix before it draws to a dreamy close.

This might be one of my favorite pieces by Momu, fitting right next to 'The Dive' and their remix of Cass' 'Mind Rewind', as it proves its weight with all three mixes. Yet another cool, distinctive release for Loöq and the Momu boys.

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