Artist: Momu
Title: One
Label: M Theory Records
By: Nick Williams | 12 March 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dirtyhertz & Musselman Mix

Momu "One"

Out Now on M Theory Records

M Theory Records have been a bit quiet as of late, with no new releases in the past 6 months or so, but that is all about to change. San Francisco has fostered a thriving progressive and breakbeat scene for a long time, thanks largely to the duo of JD Moyer and Mark Musselman. JD Moyer, better known as Jondi of the legendary duo Jondi & Spesh, has been a huge part of the progressive scene in San Francisco, as Jondi & Spesh continue to throw their weekly Qoöl Happy Hour parties and run their successful label Loöq Records. Mark Musselman has been a part of the breakbeat scene in San Francisco for over ten years, and was also one of the first DJs on the west coast to champion and experiment with progressive breakbeat music in 1998, interspersing these experimental tracks with typical dancefloor breaks. Combining their knowledge and inspiration with that of Ruin, Nosmo, and McRae of Chicago's Grayarea, and you have yourselves a collaboration! 'One' was the product of one late, late night, one bottle (probably more considering how Nosmo drinks) of whiskey, and five great minds in the same room at one time.

The original of 'One' delves into a rock inspired foray of beats and exuberant synth work that works wonders on the dancefloor. Deep throbbing bass is set off by signature Momu percussion elements shuffling their way through eerie pads to a breakdown consisting of an excellent rock influenced hook, and from there it just rocks out with twinkling synths carrying the energy up. This track will make the dancefloor happy, as I have seen it happen to the San Francisco crowds numerous times before.

Mark teams up with fellow San Francisco producer Dirtyhertz for a retake on the original, and considering that Mark was part of the original production, he carried the feel of the original through to the remix extremely well. Along with Dirtyhertz, who produced as Reza in the past, they create a pumping retake that builds ever so slowly. Emotive pads float in and out as hypnotic twangs build and surge in and out, as the bass throbs along. They wait a long time before bringing that hook in during the breakdown and focus more on trancing the floor out first. From there it just coasts along to the finish with the hook over the top matched by another emotive pad making chords to take the hook to the next level.

The original is the mix that stands out here for me, as it is the most original direction that I have seen M Theory go since their inception. The typical deep, dark dreary breaks that come out of this label seem a bit dated now, bar the excellent 'Before You Break On Me'. 'One' brings some fresh sounds out of Jonathan Lisle's label, and I hope it is a sign of the music to come.

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