Artist: Momu
Title: Sunsicle / Donner Pass
Label: Bedrock Breaks
By: Simon Jones | 7 April 2003
  • A1: Sunsicle (Original Mix)
  • A2: Sunsicle (Rock Candy Mix)
  • B1: Donner Pass

Momu "Sunsicle / Donner Pass"

Out Now on Bedrock Breaks

The duo of Mark Musselman and J Moyer (aka Jondi) have not ceased to dazzle ever since their first single as Momu, entitled 'This Is Momu' hit decks in the sets of djs across the globe. Swiftly followed by 'The Dive' in addition to remixes for Stellar, Sabotage and many others, their reputation has grown and grown and they are currently regarded as one of the hottest production outfits to emerge from the West Coast in some time. With a well respected brand like Bedrock recently branching out with a breakbeat label, intent on mirroring the success of the parent label, whilst showcasing some of the finest breakbeat talent, it was only a matter of time until both parties teamed up. And so they did, and these are the results...

As the glistening intro of the 'Sunsicle' melts into the soft atmospheric beats that rise from the blissiful groove, the hairs on the back of your hands stand up straight away, perhaps an indication of what to expect from this track. Mavigating through haunting strings and subtle effects which stretch across the trickling beats, this track oozes a certain quality that will get hold of and maintain your attention, drifting along until it has achieved it's purpose of making you salivate at it's beauty.

The 'Rock Candy Mix' carries on where the original leaves off, a punchy bassline sitting between the rugged terrain of the beats. Amidst this, the melody sounds like an alien lifeform evolving, rising hooks adding to the drama and eerieness of the groove as Momu take us on a journey to an alternate but equaully as beautiful destination.

The b-side contains another track entitled 'Donner Pass'. How could it top the magnifience of 'Sunsicle'? Well, as you will find out, this is something rather different but equally as good. A deeper ambience is present here, with a darker bassline running through a tight house groove creating a crunchy, satisfying build complemented by sub bass effects which occasionally rise out of the slightly foreboding soundscape now developing. When the simple yet hypnotising melody begins to runs over and under soft kicks which add to the intense emotion of the track, this is when 'Donner Pass' kicks into fifth gear thanks to a huge drop which makes sure that salivating jaw now hits the floor.

Without a doubt, one of the most gorgeous records to grace record shelves this year. Subtle, emotive, yet capabale of setting the dancefloor alight. There is no question that this is Momu's finest moment to date, and the standard by which all further Bedrock Breaks singles will be judged. Do not miss this, or you will kick yourself.

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