Artist: Momu
Title: Watership Down
Label: Kubist Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 29 July 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Sunscape & Chris Dee Mix

Momu "Watership Down"

Out Now on Kubist Recordings

Momu is Mark Musselman, a great San Francisco break beat DJ, and Jondi of Jondi & Spesh fame. They’ve already had many releases behind them, and this is sure to please their fans, and gain many more. ‘Watership Down’ is a smooth, trippy break beat tune, along with a great remix from Sunscape and Chris Dee.

Warm break beats start the ‘Original’ mix out. Some funky toms make their way in, as a low bass boom changes it up a bit. There are subtle delayed elements, and some nice smooth sounds all swirling about. A thick sound comes in which creates the groove. IT’s a nice patch synth that is cut up and works really well as the melody. Into the spacy break, tons of effects float all around. A voice comes in; it’s light and just enough to remind you were you are. This is a great song with beautiful warm sounds, with a nice funky break beat behind it.

Sunscape is Ben Shaw and here he teams up with Chris Dee. They are behind this label, and have added their own spin on this tune. The ‘Sunscape and Chris Dee’ remix makes ‘Watership Down’ a house affair. A tight kick drum starts off, as layers of toms, and highs come in. A crunchy clap lies in the mix. A low pulling town starts in. The song starts to get really groovy, just as we drop off into a slight break. The chords start to pump over top, and push us back into the beats. Layers of sounds fall around us, and we dip into a break beat break down. It’s a smooth transition, and will work delightfully on the floor. The voice comes in, and moves thru the sound, as it kicks back into the house beat. This tune is a chunky and funky version.

This is Kubist’s sixth release, and what a doozy it is. What a great original by Momu, and an equally as cool remix by Sunscape and Dee. Watch out for an appearance from Momu on remix duties on a single to be released on the label in the future too.

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