Artist: Murat Uncu
Title: Kickhead / Waiting 4 U
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 October 2003
  • A: Kickhead
  • B: Waiting 4 U

Murat Uncu "Kickhead / Waiting 4 U"

Out Now on Method Records

Murat Uncu (or DJ Murat Uncuoglu to give him his full name) is no stranger to the Method imprint, having previously had the single 'Perfect Sense' released on the label as Noctophobia alongside occasional production partner Aytek Kurt. Now flying solo, he delivers a solo two track single comprised of the tracks 'Kickhead' and 'Waiting 4 U'. Both tracks see Murat embark down a more house influenced path, showing that he is capable of far more than some of the progressive trance based projects he has been involved with.

The a-side, 'Kickhead' is a quirky little number that bases itself around some trippy sounds and a rough hypnotic groove. Keeping the mood deep and murky, the groove just bounces along unrestricted until an emotive melodic section brings a fresh direction to the final section. The unrelenting groove will cause more than a few confused minds on the dancefloor at 3am.

'Waiting On You' is the real gem though, with a drifting funky bassline setting the momentum early on. Melodic chords and subtle pads give a deep house feel to the early part of the track. As the main section unfolds, key changes and quick drops let the melody drift over the top of some groovy rhythms, building towards a sublime upbeat finale with a very summery vibe going on. Be it a track you play early or late, it's one of those rare tracks that will fit in pretty much anywhere you place it.

A promising solo debut for Murat, which should help him to build his reputation as a producer alongside his accolades as one of Turkey's finest djs. Two very useable tracks = value for money, so the only question that remains for you is whether it deserves yours?

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