Artist: Nikola Gala
Title: Blue Impulse / Subterra
Label: Intrinsic Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 August 2004
  • A: Blue Impulse
  • B: Subterra

Nikola Gala "Blue Impulse / Subterra"

Out Now on Intrinsic Records

Having built it's catalogue to date around it's group of in house artists, Intrinsic Records now welcomes up and coming Greek star Nikola Gala to it's roster. Already causing a stir thanks to his highly acclaimed track 'Swing 2 Harmony', due out later in the year on Matthew Dekay's DK Records label, Nikola is one of many exciting new talents to emerge out of Greece in the last year or so, and this EP, featuring the tracks 'Blue Impulse' and 'Subterra' serves as an introduction to those who have yet to hear of him.

Though the chunky groove of 'Blue Impulse' may scream the words house to you, it's so much more than that. Big soundscapes, atmospheric sweeps and intricate drum programming all prove to be the driving factor behind this uplifting peak time track. Building and dropping as a melody line is teased, soon the bottom end drops out to reveal an awesome section of keys and a bassline to die for. If you thought the energy level was already high, it goes even higher, big crescendos and hooks taking the energy to fever pitch, hitting a massive break that subsides into warm sun drenched chords. A real track for the summer without a doubt.

'Subterra' is a stark contrast indeed, a deep and moody track more suited to the late night main sets, or long sets such as those experienced by people at Space in Ibiza or Fabric in London. Thick bass and floating pads create the driving groove that lurks at the heart of the track, with loops used to great effect, building an eerie tension that is further enhanced by the ethereal vocal that is used in the main section of the track. Analogue style melodies emerge, and as they develop, which the sinister vibe within take over the dancefloor systematically before no one is left uncaptivated.

A superb release from Intrinsic Records, on a slightly different tip to what we would normally associate with the label, but two very capable and essential tracks that hint at good things to come from Nikola Gala. If you are looking for a secret weapon for the back of your record box, this will fill the gap rather nicely indeed.

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