Artist: Ogi G Cash & M Gonzales
Title: Mr Bite / Funky Misbehaviour
Label: Dirty Blue Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 October 2003
  • A: Mr Bite
  • B: Funky Misbehaviour

Ogi G Cash & M Gonzales "Mr Bite / Funky Misbehaviour"

Out Now on Dirty Blue Records

Belgrade's M Gonzales returns following the 'Full Bite Session EP' on Minimal, with a new release for Dirty Blue, teaming up with Mr Ogi G Cashe. Building on the diverse range of tracks on the aforementioned EP, this little two tracker offers something for the tech heads. Read on for more info.

The first track on the vinyl, 'Mr Bite' is a tech edged mix of sliced and diced aural mayhem, with a hypnotic rolling b-line sitting right in the midst of it all. Twisted percussion and some quirky filtered effects change things up a little as the track descends into ballsy drum led section, where a robotic vocal tells us to 'Check This' before a warbling sub bass twist thing on things takes over. Deep and druggy heads down nonsense for the spangled soul on the floor at 4am.

'Funky Misbehaviour' is more of the same vibe, with a more acidic edge to things. Throw in some mind numbing sirens and a huge vocal hook to implode on your mind and this fucked up number slowly wraps itself around you, bringing a foreboding sense of darkness to any given messy night you are having already.

Dirty, funky, fucked up music from a label that continues to diversify, managing to bridge the boundaries between the diverse and strictly progressive dancefloors with ease. Keep an eye on this label as it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming days and months

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