Artist: Ogi G Cash Feat Sofine
Title: Colours
Label: Play Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 16 October 2003
  • A1: Contrast Mix
  • B1: Funky Excursion Mix
  • B2: Stereo Bangers Radio Edit

Ogi G Cash Feat Sofine "Colours"

Out Now on Play Recordings

Ogi G Cash and Sofine are new to Play Recordings. They live in Belgrade, Serbia and have recently been gaining attention from djs and labels alike. They’ve recently had some releases on Minimal and Dirty Blue Records, and have been in the studio working with Mimi Gonzales. 'Colours' has a very warm summery vibe with loads of tribal percussion and housey grooves. Perhaps this is just the thing you need as we roll into fall.

The 'Contrast Mix' starts with a solo saxophone with sounds that weave in and out of the percussion. A nice Latin flavor with shakers and fancy tribal sounds. Sofine’s voice is pretty and comes in grooving along with the music. The bassline is very funky and makes you want to move. Coming to a break we float into a nice patch of synths, as the vocal swirls around with effects. A kick comes back in with the vocal rising over the top. The bass continues on underneath, picking back up into the tribal drums, as the vocal leads right until the end.

Producer Mimi Gonzales creates the 'Funky Excursion Mix'. Tribal drums start in once again, filtered in different ways as chords fill out underneath.Echoes of the synths fall on the drums and lay deep into a very driving, but funky bassline. Sofine’s voice comes in again, this time very effected and watery. At the break her voice swims in sound. The synths are lush and very dramatic, moving into the drums start building underneath, and the bassline engulfs the track till the end.

The 'Stereo Bangers Radio Edit' however, is the smoothest one out of the bunch. It has a very deep soulful groove and great bassline. Sofine's lush vocals move through several delay filters which allow the saxophone to ooze through backed by trickling mellow sounds. This is a short version, sounding similar to the 'Contrast Mix', but has a great radio friendly vibe.

This is a good release for Play Recordings and has some housier elements than previous releases. Ogi G Cash and Mimi Gonzales are onto something fresh here.

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