Artist: Origene
Title: Sanctuary
Label: Bandung Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 December 2003
  • A: Harry Lemon Mix
  • B: Ivan Gough Mix

Origene "Sanctuary"

Out Now on Bandung Records

Origene are Melbourne trio Bryan Canham and Ben Grayson along with vocalist Matilda White, whom come together to fuse elements of electronica with more mainstream sounds such as trance and pop. These ideas spawned a huge success for them in the city of Melbourne and all across Australia as 'Sanctuary' became a anthem down under. Remixed by Ivan Gough, the track found favour with the underground jocks as well, but has never really been noticed outside of Australia. However, that is all set to change as Harry Lemon, a big fan of the track has picked it up for release on his new Bandung Records imprint, with Ivan's remix sitting alongside a mix from Harry himself, thus finishing off a rather large remix package indeed.

As one might expect, the 'Harry Lemon Mix' has all those trademark Lemon8 production skills are out in force here, taking Ivan's mix and adding some new kick drums and Inner Sanctuary style beats to the track. Filtered effects add a twist the to the groove and a big string breakdown drives the emotion through the roof as the vocal kicks back in straight after, with some of his magic emitted via a solid groove to finish. Another big and powerful mix from Mr Lemon.

However, there is big and there is monstrous, and the 'Ivan Gough Mix' is the latter without a doubt. Precision drums and tight percussion lead into a pulsating bassline that vibrates, with hypnotic effects washing over the top. Heavy bass takes the mix lower, a deeper and eerie mood created as the big sounds take over. The moment the vocal enters, each line of the chorus interrupted by heavy beats, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the beats creating an incredible mood with some moving rhythms luring you in. The term big room track is quite cliched, but even that does not apply here as an open air festival would have trouble containing this monster, which does not seem to have aged one bit.

The first release on Bandung has all the hallmarks that you would associate with Harry Lemon. Tight production and crisp sounds, with great emotion and depth. Remaining faithful to the roots of house music, whilst adding the aforementioned credentials, and it looks as though this label could be a breath of fresh air indeed.

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