Artist: Ozgur Can
Title: Weightless / Finally
Label: Plastica Red
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2004
  • A: Weightless
  • B: Finally

Ozgur Can "Weightless / Finally"

Out Now on Plastica Red

Ozgur Can is the latest name to emerge out of the thriving Swedish music scene. A versatile DJ, spinning at many of Sweden's top venues and events, Ozgur was bitten by the music bug at an early ages, and like his fellow friends and countrymen Rouzbeh Delavari and Petter, is not limited to any one sound or genre. It's a bit of a coup for Plastica Red to sign his debut release, but this can only be a good thing as Ozgur's tracks 'Weightless' and 'Finally' not only showcase the diversity of this young up and coming star, but bring new sounds and ideas to the label at the same time.

'Weightless' sees Ozgur lay down some intricate beats, carefully layering percussive loops into the groove, causing it to fluctuate. Thick bass shudders across the top, building the tempo level up as we move into the main section of the track. Subtle key changes cause the bassline to swell, as a floating melody line edges it's way in. A looped riff shimmers over the top whilst some serious bottom end arrangements keep the groove rocking. Just watch as the dancefloor comes to life in time to this emotive and upbeat epic.

'Finally' takes a slightly darker route than it's counterpart. A collaboration between Ozgur and Rouzbeh Delavari, the mood is set with some heavy breakbeats leading in, rapidly descending into a tough no nonsense groove. A killer hook thunders in and out like a ricocheting bomb, exploding as the breakdown commences, switching to a 4/4 section for the twisted and energetic finish.

Two diverse and addictive tracks from one of scene's brightest and diverse stars. Expect to hear a lot of the sounds coming out of Sweden over the next few months as Ozgur and friends continue their renaissance movement.

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