Artist: Paradise Soul
Title: Theme / Tested On Humans
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 21 August 2003
  • A: Theme
  • B: Tested On Humans

Paradise Soul "Theme / Tested On Humans"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Paradise Soul is the new partnership of Mike Monday and Stretch. Both have storied careers, with Mike's early work as part of the seminal Beat Foundation still widely regarded to this day. Stretch of course is one half of the duo Stretch & Vern, producing as Phender on Junior. He has also worked with Dylan Burns as Coloursound on City Rockers. This new pairing of the two as Paradise Soul looks set to catapult them even further, with 'Theme' getting air plays from Pete Tong, plays on the Space Terrace from Stever Lawler, with accolades coming from both BBC Radio 1 and DJ Magazine as well, and I am sure this is not the end of it as by the end of the summer, you are bound to have heard this at least once.

The terms 'ibiza anthem' or 'sound of summer' is such an overused cliche, but when we are talking about Paradise Soul's 'Theme' this could be meant quite literally. With it's hybrid of shuffling smokey beats and soft rolling groove, you find yourself struggling to resist, and as soon as the emotive strings drift in, fuelled by the killer bassline underneath, well.. forget about it. From here on in, the track sways back and forth, up and down as the bass drops out to let the enchanting vocal wash over you, before a string led beat pattern gets your feet moving and your ass shaking as in paradise, all that matters is getting down and enjoying yourself. Are you ready to get with this?

'Tested On Humans' in comparison is a stark contrast, as Paradise Soul put together a speaker tweaking techno beast, conducting an experiment of sound in the process. Twisted house grooves and a huge vibrating beat loop lead the first assault, as the deep percussive stabs hit like an aftershock. If 'Theme' is a the soundtrack of peace and tranquility, then 'Tested On Humans' is like hurricane wrecking havoc, just like Carl Cox does, and just as big as he is..

Summer's here, and so is Paradise. For your soul, for us all..

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