Artist: Pete Gooding
Title: Words
Label: Fuju Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 5 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Washington Re-Animate Mix

Pete Gooding "Words"

Out Now on Fuju Recordings

Pete Gooding is one of a handful of djs who were bitten by the Ibiza bug during the early years. and since then has been playing sets everywhere from Mambo to nights run by Renaissance whom he has had a long term relationship, as well as many other of Ibiza's best nightspots. His production work alongside Drax spawned singles for USR and a remix of Trancesetters for Hooj, but now he delivers a solo offering, the vocal house cut 'Words'

Rough beats and drums introduce us to the 'Original Mix' of 'Words', but soon a big rolling bassline takes over, melodic grooves sitting under the soul vocals provided by Roachford, his hearfelt emotion oozing out of every pore of the track. Building until the vocal led reprise, the bassline shimmers it's way back in, weaving in and out of the the vocal hook with outstanding results that lends more depth to the track and more power to the already dominant vocals. Quality house with a hint of old skool flavour.

The remix comes from Washington, who's production credentials have helped on projects from the likes of Steve Lawler, to name but one. The 'Re-Animate Mix' of 'Words' creates a mood with use of deep sub bass effects and alternating drum beats, which rise up and down like a snake slithering it's way through the centre of the track. The metallic sounds that sit between the drums and the groove add to the eerie nature of the soundscape. When the downtempo vocal chorus kicks in, you can guarantee the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up, with the funky drum percussion outro finishing up on a gentle calm.

Another quality release from Fuju, with particular credit due to Washington who turns in a mix that whilst faithful to the original, adds it's own ideas and recreates parts of the original to give them a fresh sound. A producer to watch in the coming months, and no doubt you will see Pete Gooding behind the decks in the White Isle this year once again.

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