Artist: Quivver & Sutton
Title: Cold Rush
Label: Electric Music People
By: Chloe Harris | 16 August 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Ska Mix

Quivver & Sutton "Cold Rush"

Out Now on Electric Music People

Quivver & Sutton embark on a hypnotic release for the newly formed Electric Music People label out of Manchester. 'Cold Rush' is something for those heavy moments when crowds need something banging and hypnotic with loads of bass and heavy mental imagery. Both mixes have similar sounds, but the 'Original Mix' tickles the brain more with the focus on a wet sounds and a squishy synth that stays with you once the song has gone. The 'Ska Mix' is a more full on proggy chugger that will work on the floors effortlessly.

The 'Original Mix' starts in with some slappy drums hits and a hypnotic groove in the background. Wafting sounds hide in the background swirling up and down, while a twisted squishy synth looms in tickling your head and ears. Loads of percussion falls into the groove, while a low bass pulses slowly along. Ringing stabs cut into the drums, while the tune drops in and out of breaks always coming back harder then before. Wet sounds water down the song and long acid synths follow the heavy groove till the end of this stomping tune.

The 'Ska Mix' is a deeper version that starts with clicker drums and a bubble sound that pops. The bassline is gnarly and driving, and the synths have changed into a sassy galloping bouncy ride along the percussion. Loads of effects have swallowed up the squishy synth, and the stab rarely falls into the tune, but there’s enough here to keep your head spinning.

'Cold Rush' is the second release for Electric Music People out of Manchester. Both mixes are great, but the original has a hell of a lot of power and mental sounds that mess about with your head and keeps the tune in there. You'll be humming it for days.

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