Artist: Rhythm Code
Title: Digital Junkies
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2004
  • A1: The Digital Dub
  • B1: Class 1 Mix
  • B2: Thank-apella

Rhythm Code "Digital Junkies"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Rhythm Code have been on fire as of late, with singles on Minimal and remixes for labels including Rocksteady and Dirty Blue. It's a wonder that Neil Barber and Asher Jones can juggle a production schedule when they have their own Moov label, club night and Rhythm Code DJ project to juggle as well, but so far they have managed to hold it altogether surprising well. Kicking off the new year and they are here with a new single on Chris Lake and Bobby M's wicked little label Cuba Recordings. Let's see what they've cooked up this time.

The 'Digital Dub' version of 'Digital Junkies' is a dark and dirty percussive house track that you will no doubt hear on the dancefloor at around 3am in the morning, when the boundaries between morning and night are well and truly blurred. Big stabs and shaker rhythms add to the perpetual druggy vibe of the mix, whilst the vocal adds the 'what the fuck?' aspect. Confused and abused is the game this gritty little gem will play with your mind, make no mistake about that.

Meanwhile, the 'Class 1 Mix' is a drum led tribal stomper, where twisted arrangements and techy sounds blend into the original's druggy groove and flip it around into a slightly different order, but it doesn't live up to the Digital Dub in my eyes, although the added 'Thankapella' will no doubt find it's way into a few dirty house sets, make no mistake about that.

A slice of twisted house that manages to be fun but not too up it's own ass. Head straight for the 'Digital Dub' and prepare for things to get more than a little bit messy.

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