Artist: Rouzbeh Delavari
Title: About You / 020227
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 April 2003
  • A: About You
  • B: 020227

Rouzbeh Delavari "About You / 020227"

Out Now on Deep Records

Rouzbeh Delavari is yet another up and coming producer to emerge out of Sweden. Having spent some time over the past years slowly developing his skills and sounds, the results are finally paying off with the single 'Bum' having been released recently on Distraekt, with another single 'Chase' to follow soon. However, he has come to the attention of Peter Van Hal, who quite wisely snapped up some of his other work, including the superb 'About You', which now comes via the Deep Records imprint for you to own.

'About You' is simple yet deep. A slight contradiction you may think? Not quite. Let me explain as the track begins with a subtle beat arrangement which soon picks up pace and intensity, underneath which the constant of the track, the low sub bass melody runs. Dropping out as the melody slides across a piano-esque series of beats, the beats slip back in, mirrored by a another layer which adds to the power of the track whilst also creating the deep void in which the bassline sits. A secondary melody introduces itself as the track takes a darker, more bass led direction, lending a little menace to proceedings before we finish up back where we started. Diverse and delicious stuff from this up and coming youngster.

'020227' is on a more progressive-edged tip, utilisting a tight and trippy percussion line to lift the pace of the track as beats, snares and drums crash into each other. As they cut each other up, delayed sounds pan across the groove, slowing down momentarily as sounds swirl around and around and vibrating bass rises from underneath, rocking the beats back and forth as they pound down all the way to the twisted eletronic outro.

Another fine release from Deep who seem to be unstoppable as of late. 'About You' is one of those tunes you can dance to or chill to, but one thing iscertain.. it will make you grin, be it with joy or pleasure. Highly recommended.

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