Artist: Rouzbeh Delavari
Title: Inner Structure
Label: Deep Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 December 2003
  • A1: Petter Deep In The Loop Mix
  • B1: Broken Staircase Mix
  • B2: Entrance Short Edit

Rouzbeh Delavari "Inner Structure"

Out Now on Deep Records

Deep return to kick off 2004 with a single from one of their best new signings from the past few months, Sweden's own Rouzbeh Delavari. Having already proved his worth with the single 'About You' back in the summer of '03, 'Inner Structure' is something different once again from this talented young producer, and with two mixes to choose from, alongside a remix by another of Sweden's finest, Petter Nordkvist, this has all the hallmarks that look set to make it another superb single, but it's the music that decides that, so let's get to it.

It's Petter who provides the first mix, with his 'Deep In The Loop' interpretation. Driving percussive loops are given an extra dimension with the pads that rise underneath, with a futuristic twist on the main melody floating around the groove, as Petter throws down some of his own twisted breakbeats, which combined with the tempo of the track turn the techno-edged groove into one hypnotic mesh of sounds and melodies that is strangely compeling, yet hard to explain.

Flip over, and Rouzbeh's own 'Broken Staircase Mix' starts off with twinkling sounds, but soon a quirky electronic melody rises up, in a rather unpredictable fashion and leads into the the main section of the mix, where broken beats and drum loops create a smooth and steady groove. Delays on the melody create a different sound as the drums cut through some techy percussive rhythms that develop as we move further into the 'Inner Structure'. It's a rather different side of Rouzbeh that is shown here, further hinted at by the laid back rhythms and melodies of his 'Entrance Short Edit', where his arrangement skills shine through with a great atmospheric void playing host to the main melody, which Rouzbeh manipulates to great effect.

Something rather different to anything previously released on the label for Deep, as both Rouzbeh and Petter show a diverse and experimental side to their respective production skills. If you were expecting another 'About You' or 'These Days' then prepare to be disappointed, but if you are looking for some forward thinking electronic music, then this is for you, and you have to credit label manager Peter Van Hal for letting not only Rouzbeh but Petter do something different, and let's hope they get the chance to do so again sooner rather than later.

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