Artist: Rouzbeh Delavari
Title: Think Inspiration
Label: Only Records
By: Chloe Harris | 17 December 2005
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Brother Number One Mix
  • B2: Ozgur Can Mix

Rouzbeh Delavari "Think Inspiration"

Out Now on Only Records

There must have been something in the water this year in Sweden as some of the best names have come out of the hot spot all year. One who's been around longer, Rouzbeh Delavari needs no introduction. Having gained respect from industry leaders as well as us punters at home, he has captured an audience with his fantastic and varied style of dance music. Ranging between progressive house to techno and electro, Rouzbeh has accumulated a long list of remixes and originals that challenge the ears and feet. 'Think Inspiration' is another quality release of grooved out bass glding along a fantastic lead, with remixes coming from the talented Ozgur Can and new comer Andre Garcia under his 'Brother Number One' alias.

The 'Original Mix' is a fun grooved out tune with a cute swirling hook that keeps it all moving. Cool slappy high hats build on a great backing beat of snares and pops. Twisted trippy synths creating a little melody while the kick finally settles in. The bassline is groovy and moves up and down an arpeggiated sort of rhythm. A few drops along the way keeps things fresh and starts up a wicked lead synth that captures the life of the tune. Spiralling and moving in a controlled way, the synth sends the song through more drips and drops before reaching the end with the groove.

Newcomer Andres Garcia remixes 'Think Inspiration' into a happier funky vibed tune with vocal snips. The main hook doesn't change at all as it continues to swirl up a storm, while the bassline is very warm and big sounding, but still remains very similar. The percussion hits hard with a more breakbeat sound. A sweet ambient synth that slides in the background is introduced after a short break. It follows the keys and notes riding along bringing in some happy ambience. The short breaks open up to feature the vocals, while the synths and bass drop out.

Ozgur Can can do no wrong. The Swedish superstar goes from strength to strength with his own releases, as well as his remixes for others. This is again another slice of why Ozgur rocks so hard. Quick sharp pusling bass sounds, play with warbly acidy synths and ride along a simple kick drum and machine like high hats. A slap comes in while the warbly synth starts to climb up and down keys. Dropping into the main lead hook, everything cuts out while a airy scary synth slides in and takes it all into a thick bass rumble. A slower paced sound than the previous bass gives you a second to take it all in, before it blasts back into the faster pulsing warble. A simple yet perfectly executed remix once again.

This is just the fourth release for Only Records and what a fantastic release it is. 'Think Inspiration' is another powerful tune by Rouzbeh, and with two other remixes, one of which is by non other than Ozgur Can, you know you can't miss out on this tune.

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