Artist: Royal Kinks
Title: Lift Me
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tkac & Haverlick Mix

Royal Kinks "Lift Me"

Out Now on Method Records

Niko Nyman, one half of Slusnik Luna with Nicklas Renqvist returns to Method with his second solo single as Royal Kinks. The double AA of 'Yesterdays Parties' and 'All Night' were both well received, and 'Lift Me' has all the potential to be even bigger. Fellow stable members Tkac & Haverlik provide the remix, ensuring that all bases are well and truely covered.

Leading in with some quirky beats and dripping effects, the 'Original Mix' soon takes an unexpected twist as the bassline slowly pushes it's way in. Rising stabs float out of the groove as subtle melody lines are placed across the groove. Big electronic ripples lend an 80's vibe to the track, but the production makes sure this never overrides the other elements. Throw in a effected vocal that weaves in and out of the big soundscape that is created and it all comes together to form one tight little number which will indeed lift both the mood and tempo on the dancefloor.

'Tkac and Haverlik' build on the vibe of the original, with a fast paced and intense bassline introduced to keep their interpretation shifting along rapidly. Soft pads fill out the groove as the beats unfold into the main section of the mix, with big melodic keys building to a dramatic vocal led break. Great depth and consistent pressure make this one of those 'secret weapons' you pull out of nowhere, and this mix will take a set to the next level without a doubt.

Second time around and Royal Kinks proves he's no flash in the pan. One of Method's finest moments without a doubt.

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