Artist: Seyton & Tyler Michaud
Title: Ze Big Divide
Label: Maris Music
By: Colin C. | 13 February 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Parham & Dominic Plaza Mix

Seyton & Tyler Michaud "Ze Big Divide"

Out Now on Maris Music

3 Beat certainly has its hands full as of late, their newest imprint Maris Music has been quite busy over the last year making a home for many of the scene’s rising stars. It's most melodic adventure (thus far) comes from collaboration between three fresh faces Stian Klo & Thomas Nøkling (aka Seyton) with Tyler Michaud. Seyton has certainly been sprouting up like weeds ever since their debut on Heavy Rotation landed on Warren's last Global Underground. Tyler's work has also been starting to come up but more within the progressive trance scene, with releases on Lange Music and Andrew Parsons' label Real Music Recordings.

The threesome seem to gel quite well together on 'Ze Big Divide', as the original mix opens with some slick percussive patterns scattered amongst some effective delayed shots and a strong kick knocking the groove into place. When the bassline drops into the mix the swelling energy that it harnesses lifts the track up into an unorthodox melodic edge that borrows from say a Chable or Michael burns production but does it in a way that keeps a unique edge. What really makes the track shine is the creative vocal edits in the break down. They don't follow the traditional stutter edit mentality set forth by BT and his followers, and it really adds to the almost creepy edge of this track that I wish was honed a little more. Instead, the track builds out of the break into very familiar Subsky/Benz & MD territory that leaves me wanting a little more than what is presented.

Vapour Records favorites, Parham & Dominic Plaza take the track into their territory with a slightly stronger, almost tribalistic groove accenting on the quicker melodies and adding a more pulsing, simple bass line. No surprise here that they opt to include all the pads and melodies and work them over their new groove. Not too much on this mix that deviates from the master plan set up by the original players. More of a solid version of the track, this mix doesn’t really go off but keeps a steady, workable groove for the DJ playing it to get creative with.

I can't say that it's my favorite work from these players, but it definitely has great texture and an enjoyable presence. I'm sure more great things are to come from both of the involved parties.

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