Artist: Shiloh Vs Jolen Essex
Title: Black Tide
Label: Cuba Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 20 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Rhythm Code Mix

Shiloh Vs Jolen Essex "Black Tide"

Out Now on Cuba Recordings

Well, if it isn't another single from those damn Canucks Justin and Colin Moreh. It seems that as each new Shiloh single drops down the tubes that the rumours about these two plotting to take over the world is more feasible. Pinky and The Brain best watch their backs!. Anyhow, after numerous singles on Electrofly, Nascent and Method, the brothers Moreh team up with Fragrant Music's Jolen Essex for the latest release on Cuba Recordings. It's name, is 'Black Tide'.

The 'Original Mix' ventures away from the typical Shiloh fare that we've come to be familiar with in the last few months, as the Jolex Essex connection gives us a chunky rolling epic, built on a bed of techy hooks and beats. Tougher rocking rhythms fuse with big melodic chords, with the track topped off by a gorgeous vocal lead that pulls it all together, making this ideal for dropping at the end of a long and crazy night.

Meanwhile, those Liverpool boys 'Rhythm Code' serve up a twisted acid interpretation over on the b-side, their usual jackin rhythms and funky beats giving 'Black Tide' a right old upgrade and overhaul, with the end result being a techy tinged house mix that whilst lacking the balls of the original, manages to hold it's own quite comfortably.

Another solid offering from Cuba, and it looks as if that daily plot to take over the world is more than a distinct possibly, as the question beckons as to what to expect next from one of North America's most exciting and upcoming production outfits.

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