Artist: Shiloh Vs Marc Mitchell
Title: Run 2 The Light
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 August 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Shiloh Vs Marc Mitchell "Run 2 The Light"

Out Now on Method Records

The latest release on Method sees the new guard and the old guard come together for a collaboration of huge proportions. Having wowed us over the past 12 months with numerous singles on Electrofly, Nascent and a previous single here on Method not so long ago, Shiloh return, teaming up with a man who for the past decade has been an inspirational figure in the progressive house scene. Be it on labels such as Stress, Renaissance, Whoop! or many more, as part of projects such as Human Movement and Sunday Club, and as a producer for people like Jimmy Van M, its safe to say that Marc Mitchell has been instrumental in helping to develop the progressive scene from it's early roots, and 'Run 2 The Light' is a track that transcends not only the past decade but at the same time paves the way for the future in a unique meeting of minds that only happens once in a blue moon.

The 'Original Mix' is a cool electronic house track, a slight old skool vibe presiding, but by no means detracting from it's quality. Hypnotic grooves sit behind the pumping bassline that ripples over the top, subtle melodies simmering through the gaps in the beats and washing over the main vocal, the pads pushing the tempo slightly harder. The break has some interesting string arrangements and piano lines that are introduced, adding further to the musical overtone to this driving peak time track.

Over on the b-side, the 'Dub Mix' is a stripped down, no strings rework that hits hard from the opening. Check out the sliding bass and pads that come into play, setting the foundations for this deep, tech-edged remix. Gone are the vocals, chopped up and used sparingly and instead what you have is a no nonsense dancefloor friendly mix that can be played at any point in a set and still have the same effect, being one of those tracks that can change the mood of a set at the drop of a hat.

Once again Shiloh have pulled something out of the hat, with this collaboration fusing some of their best elements with the unique sound of Marc Mitchell's production work. The result is a track very different to anything that we've heard from Shiloh previous, and one of the best releases to grace the Method label yet.

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