Artist: Situation 2wo
Title: If U Cant Sleep
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2003
  • A: Original Vocal Mix
  • B: Redanka Dub

Situation 2wo "If U Cant Sleep"

Out Now on RIP Records

Andy Holt has forged a reputation for quality productions over the years with his Redanka project and as part of Tarrentella (with Chris Bourne). The duo have also worked with Sander Kleinenberg (as SKTR) and Danny Tenaglia (as Datar). Somehow he manages to juggle all these and still finds time to work on his latest project Situation 2wo, which previously brought us the groovy 'Way2Tite'. Now a few months later he follows it up with what could be a future modern house classic, 'If You Cant Sleep.

Deep low slung beats sway gently from side to side, controllling the warm house chords that rise to the surface like air pockets bubbling to the surface. It already sounds very nice, but the vocals provided by Luca Santucci add both power and a certain decadence to the 'Original Mix'. When the backing vocals slip in, the infectious hook of the track pentrates your soul whilst the vocals etch a space in your mind, a cascading series of beats building towards one final solo in such style that you will wonder why music doesn't sound like this anymore. A perfect track for the summer, and one you will your find yourself coming back to time and time again.

For his 'Redanka Dub', Andy drops in tight percussive layers and atmospheric effects which slide back and forth under compacted metallic beats, pushing upward and building the mood . When the beats are about to drop off, out come the melodic sounds which are a Redanka trademark, slowly filling the speaker and oozing out onto the dancefloor in commanding fashion, taking the energy and groove right into the heart of huge spaces with ease.

Once again, RIP serve up another addictive slice of house music. Whilst not a label that feels the need to put out something every month, you can gurantee that when they do, each release is worth checking out, and this is no exception. As a precursor to the forthcoming Situation 2wo album, it's hard not to be excited about what that project will deliver, but in the meantime, run out and pick up a copy of this summer anthem in the making.

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