Artist: Situation 2wo
Title: Way2Tite (Remixes)
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marco Bellini & Val Weller Mix

Situation 2wo "Way2Tite (Remixes)"

Out Now on RIP Records

Situation 2wo is the new solo project of Andy Holt. Already well regarded for his work as Redanka and his collaborative project with Chris Bourne entitled Tarrentella, this new project is where he gets to showcase his wide musical repertoire off, with an album already in development. 'Way2Tite' was the first single to be released back in . You could say for it's time it was a forward thinking track, justified by the fact Deep Dish loved it so much they decided to put it on their recent Global Underground Toronto cd. Having caught the attention of many who missed it's first release, RIP Records have decided to re-release the track, and at the same time have endorsed it with a sparkling new remix.

The 'Original Mix' still sounds as good as it always did, big chord stabs rising over a deeply hypnotic groove, drawing you in after the first few notes. When the vocal slinks into the mix, it weaves in and out of the beats adding an added layer to the track and providing another focus which mirrors the excellent underlying production here. Subtle ambience lends a big feel to the groove, very much evidenced by the fade down into the break which lowers the tone before the vocal kicks back in from underneath for a big finale. There's not many tracks you could apply the sometimes cliched 'timeless' tag to, but this is one of them.

The new mix comes from 'Marco Bellini and Van Weller'. Known for his work on Plastic Fantastic, Marco and Val do not disappoint here as they add a dirty edge to the beats, building up to a big electro-tinged main section that takes the vocal to a whole new level. A more upbeat pace ensures that this mix will do the business whenever it is required to, easing off slowly before kicking harder than a mule as it heads for the finish line. Electro filth from a duo who seem to be pushing that sound in their own unique way.

A much welcome re-release which comes highly regarded. If you like this you should also check out the single 'If You Can't Sleep', and be sure to check out the Situation 2wo album which is due to be released in 2004.

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