Artist: Smight
Title: Course Of Action
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 15 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Magic Shoe Mix

Smight "Course Of Action"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

'Course Of Action' is a big release for Nascent Recordings and Smight, providing a different sound than usual for both. Smight aka Herbert Berkley, has been seen as an ambassador of goodwill to the progressive community. His non-profit label Cure Recordings helps charity and has some outstanding upcoming releases. Magic Shoe is Smight and production partner Eric Reeves. They have worked on various projects together and have turned out some great tunes such as their 'Weekend Work' on Hellpass Records. 'Course Of Action' twinkles with a catchy melody and a smooth vocal, while the Magic Shoe remix gets down and dirty.

Taking in hints of melodic trance, Smight cues into a catchy sound. Cute rhythmic bumps bounce underneath a percussion line filled with high hats, crunchy claps, and a backing breakbeat. A sinister bassline slices through the song with a gritty effect. Another bassline drops in moving the song further, while we take off into the vocal talent of Angie Paine. Her voice is wrapped in delays and trippy effects that work subtly within the music. Breaking down into a fluid motion of sound, a sweet breakbeat pops out of the melody and builds back into the tune.

The 'Magic Shoes More Left Than Right Mix' sparkles with tech house beats, and a funky bassline. The main riff is broken up into little pieces and shuffles around creating a constantly changing atmosphere. The bassline is thicker, and changes up quite a bit. Angie's voice moves us into a longer break, full of layers of washy sounds and twinkling melodies. While the beats start growing again, the bassline hits and reminds us why it’s the best part of this tune.

Smight has been doing a lot of work recently. His music is different and challenging, and his sounds are intricate and put together very well. Nascent went out on a limb with this release. It's not a standard sort of club tune, but rather something to get into. Something for those bobbing heads and those moments when you need to get down to a filthy bassline.

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