Artist: Smight
Title: Labels Lies And Warnings
Label: Confi-Dance Records
By: Chloe Harris | 14 September 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Habersham Dark & Sexy Mix

Smight "Labels Lies And Warnings"

Out Now on Confi-Dance Records

The goodwill ambassador of progressive is back with a nice tune full of chunky beats and electro stylings. Born and raised in Texas, Smight has taken the world by storm from his endeavors such as working on the fabulous EDM Digital, to his own label Cure Recordings, as well as churning out quality remixes and tunes on various other labels such as Confi-Dance out of the UK. 'Labels, Lies And Warnings' could be an eye into the business or a really cool angry progressive house tune, and with a 'Dark & Sexy' remix thrown in from Atlanta's Habersham, there's plenty of lies to go around.

The 'Original Mix' sees Smight's own vocal swimming inside sweepy synths and a gnarly electro bassline. A snappy shuffling break beat starts in with crashing sounds, and the bassline moves up and down creating a smooth heady groove to bounce to. The vocals are aggressive and sinister, with a touch of melancholy rage to go along with the mood of the tune. When the drums drop off and the melodies open up, the tune changes pace to end on a warm note and a great electro groove.

Filtered drums and creepy sounds start Habersham's insanely 'Dark & Sexy Mix' off. Smight's voice delays and twists with the breaks introducing a thick rich backwards bass that pulls up from the bottom. Extra percussion lays down more groundwork in the background while sounds move side to side through the speakers. At a charming break full of bell tones chiming, the vocals twist up with mental effects and then falls back into the bass and beats how only Habersham can dish it out.

Confi-Dance's 4th release is set to fly off the shelves. Smight's dirty chunker 'Labels, Lies And Warnings' has received early support from Steve Gerrard, Phil K, and others, and with a mental remix from Habersham, you can only bet this will heat up minds, as well as dance floors all around the world.

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