Artist: Smight
Title: Queues Suck
Label: Cure Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 20 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Relisys Breaks Mix

Smight "Queues Suck"

Out Now on Cure Recordings

Smight has been very active as of late, with gigs in Dubai, a new website called EDMDigital where you can purchase and download music, yet he still finds time to write new material. 'Queues Suck' is a dreamy synth based track, with rolling drums, and vocal bits. Relisys delivers a playful break beat remix that offsets the dreamy original perfectly.

A smooth and dreamy synth plays off rolling toms while female vocal bits chime in, and the bass drops into a nice groove. Great movements throughout the song with layers of synth work, broken up parts, and a melancholy vibe. 'Queues Suck' is a very emotional tune with smooth layers to sink your head into.

'Relisys' remixes the track, creating spacious breakbeats for us to enjoy. Bouncy breaks start in and hop onto a playful bassline. The vocals bits have been effected and tripped out, while the synths have been chopped up and move backwards and forwards. There's added acid sweeps and beeps and some nice breaks and quick changes to keep the song rolling.

The original is a smooth delight of deep and long synths, while Relisys takes things to a bouncier place, finishing up this package of mixes which will find their way into many progressive DJs record boxes over the coming week.

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