Artist: Smight
Title: The Road To Kandahar EP
Label: Music Is Freedom
By: Simon Jones | 13 February 2003
  • A: The Road To Kandahar
  • B: My Lovely Wife

Smight "The Road To Kandahar EP"

Out Now on Music Is Freedom

As 2002 ended, a new face by the name of Smight (aka producer Herbert Berkley) appeared on the music scene, with his debut single 'Rebuilding 12/My Happy Place' on Fade Records. This was quickly followed up by a single on Niche, and now he returns to start 2003 with another EP for Paolo Mojo's Music Is Freedom imprint, entitled 'The Road To Kandahar EP'

The title track 'Road To Kandahar' is a breaks influenced cut that muddles along with a tense thriller soundtrack edge, low sub bass conflicting with the beat percussion to add to the eerieness of the track. Ringing sounds punctuate the deep groove as it slides slowly into the second phase, in come emotive sounds amidst which eastern wailing and flavour lends some atmosphere to the groove before it embarks on a cut up vibrant groove on the outro. A mishmash of styles that will work well on many different floors. Twisted genius that could only lurk in Smight's mind.

'My Lovely Wife' pays homage to Mrs Smight, and this time things are taken on a more uplifting journey, as warm chords and sounds trickle over a constant rolling groove, little tinkling sounds emerging from within as the hypnotic beats mesmerize your senses. A quirky vocal sonnet reveals itself as the track slows down a gear, before we are a treated to more depth and harmony from 'the good man'.

Two tracks that compliment each other nicely, even if they are miles apart in terms of style. Further evidence that Smight has an active mind and a curious knowledge to turn his talents to any genre he so chooses. Expect to see more work of his on Music Is Freedom in the coming months, as well as on many other labels who have also been turned onto his talents. The Sheriff is back again to clean up this town. Check this beauty out.

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