Artist: Solar Stone
Title: Solarcoaster (Remixes Disc One)
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2003
  • A: Midway Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Solar Stone "Solarcoaster (Remixes Disc One)"

Out Now on Lost Language

Solar Stone have made a name for themselves over the years with such tracks as 'The Calling', 'Day By Day' and 'Seven Cities', which has been widely touted as being their finest work to date. 'Solarcoaster' is the follow-up of sorts, and was initially released on a single 12" back in summer 2002. Now Lost Language have released the track as a full single on it's own, complete with new mixes. What do they add to it? Let's find out..

The first of the new remixes comes from 'Midway', who is producer Ralphie B from the Netherlands. From the moment it starts off you know this is going to be a full on big room affair, in true european style, and Midway doesn't disprove that at all. With use of synth delays and low beats, the vocal shimmers through like a free spirit floating in the ether. The guitar of the original is given an electronic edge which lends itself perfectly to the build up into the massive breakdown. A mix that will lead the way into the darkness of night, and the early morning section of a set, remaning faithful enough to the original to be instantly recognisible.

Backed by the 'Original Mix' which was originally released in 2002, it still sounds as good as it did then, with it's laid back melodies oozing through the beats with dramatic splendour. The warm guitar and balearic sounds make this a track that will no doubt become a White Isle classic again this year.

With remixes to come from Steve Murano and Greg Murray, the Hooj bods are attempting to make sure that the track reaches it's utmost potential in terms of appeal. Will this work. Read the review of the remix disc to find out, but if emotive trance is your bag, check this disc out first.

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