Artist: Soul Mekanik
Title: Elektrik Elefant / I'm A Mekanik
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 4 November 2003
  • A: Elektrik Elefant
  • B: I'm A Mekanik

Soul Mekanik "Elektrik Elefant / I'm A Mekanik"

Out Now on RIP Records

Soul Mekanik's momentum is well and truly shifting as we come closer and closer to the release of their debut album '81'. The past few months have seen several singles escape out of the studio and cause seminal chaos on dancefloors the world over, and with a live tour in the works, you can be guaranteed that things aren't going to ease off anytime soon. However, to tide us over until then comes this latest single, with another double helping of acid house fun for your listening pleasure. Question is, are you an 'Elektrik Elefant' or a 'Mekanik'?

'Elektrik Elefant' is a dirty tech house stomper that flaunts it's wares like a dirty whore in Soho. Twisted stutter effects and a free roaming tribal groove push things forward, with a big bassline bringing the thumping big room sound into the mix as a unique Swahili vocal drifts over the top. Light techy synths shimmer in and out of the beats, all adding to this rather different take on the tribal sound, in a way that only Soul Mekanik could.

The b-side 'I'm A Mekanik', is a deep and groovy house number, with superb wigging beats and a mind numbing percussive groove producing one of the most funky grooves you will have heard in some time. A cut up vocoded vocal claws it's way out of the busy soundscape, with big chords ensuring this does maximum damage each time you wheel it out.

Just like Daft Punk, Soul Mekanik seem to go 'Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger', and even then manage to pull something fresh out of the bag. Each single seems to dig deeper into a repertoire that has been carefully crafted for many years, and if the recent escapes of Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews are an example of what to expect from '81', then it looks like they could have an early candidate for album of 2004 on their hands.

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