Artist: Soul Mekanik
Title: Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 March 2004
  • A1: Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck
  • B1: C'est Robotique (Hard Robot Mix)
  • B2: C'est Robopella

Soul Mekanik "Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck"

Out Now on RIP Records

As each single has emerged out of the studio, Soul Mekanik have constantly redefined their sound, and whilst 'Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck' may stick to their acid house roots fairly closely, it's without a doubt one of their most accessible releases to date. Throw in a rare remix of the recent hit 'C'est Robotique', and this is without a doubt one of their finest works yet.

'Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck' is one of Soul Mekanik's most upbeat joints yet. Warm grooves, hypnotic percussion and house rhythms are once again the order of the day, with some smooth beats and a deeply addictive vocal chorus thrown in for good measure. The usual edits and jackin effects are also on hand to ensure this little tech house number gets the floor bouncing with it's happy tempo. Let the good times roll!

Harder and tougher sounds filter through over on the B, courtesy of the 'Hard Robot Mix' of 'C'est Robotique'. Stripped back, dressed down, and covered up with a tough no nonsense bassline that stabs and stomps like a big bad techno monster. A dancefloor bully is lurking, you have been warned, and with the added pella for some twisted tool shenanigans, it's time to get your jig on with Mr Robotique all over again.

Soul Mekanik sail into 2004 continuing as they started many months ago. With 2004's summer being the destination for the time machine and the arrival of the debut album '81', it seems that be it present day, ten years, or even twenty years ago, Soul Mekanik's summer of acid house love is never ending, and more and more people are slowly joining the celebration.

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