Artist: Stephane Malca
Title: Revolution
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 6 March 2003
  • A1: Mike Monday Goodman Mix
  • B1: Alex Neri Remix
  • B2: Original Deep House Mix

Stephane Malca "Revolution"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

Stephane Malca first started out forming one of the first French funk bands, Malka Family, before becoming influenced by the likes of Kraftwerk and moving into electronic and club music via the user of samplers to further his exploration of music. It wasn't long before he started producing and after some time producing as House Experience soon moved to doing a full album for the French label Pro-Zak Trax under his own name, and one of the tracks that stood out is this one, 'Revolution' which has now been picked up for release on Kinky Vinyl.

On side-a Mike Monday gets 'funky as..' with the 'Goodman Mix', a tight percussive house groove leading the way into some warm deep house influenced chords that melt over the vocals that Kenny lays down. Weaving and windiing it's way forward, this oozes a sublime prescence and continental flavour, and opens the package very nicely indeed.

Over on side-b comes a mix by Mr Planet Funk himself, Alex Neri who keeps true to his roots, dropping in slow haphazard beats over a mellow groove with a funky rolling bassline slowly edging it's way to the foreground. Subtle yet effect. Also on this side is the laid back 'Original Mix' which shows where the inspiration for this re-release came from, and why the track has been a firm fixture in Mike Monday's dj sets almost since time begun.

Further mixes of a more dramatic fashion are available seperatly, with a more pumpin mix from Mike Monday alongside mixes from the infamous Pussy 2000 under their Spacefunk guise. Check those out if you want something with a bit more balls, but for the deeper funkier lovers amongst you, snap up this baby and start a revolution.

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