Artist: Stephane Malca
Title: Revolution (Remixes)
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 6 March 2003
  • A1: Mike Monday Badman Mix
  • B1: Spacefunk Vocal Mix
  • B2: Spacefunk Dub

Stephane Malca "Revolution (Remixes)"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

With the first disc of mixes of Stephane Malca's 'Revolution' keeping true to the original pretty much, a bunch of more club orientated mixes were obviously needed to give the package that little bit of an extra appeal that makes sure no avenue is left unexplored, so here comes Mike Monday once again, with Spacefunk proving the support.

Mike's 'Badman Mix' raises the tempo a few notches, cinematic chord sweeps and a large rolling b-line that crashes into a no nonsense funkathon forming the nucleus of the mix. Large riffs pull the vocal out of the track and drag it along in ballsy arrogant fashion. A chunky monther of a mix that has already been Seb Fontaine's VIP tune, continuing his major support of Mike's work.

Those Spacefunk guys jump in next, hot on the heels of the stadium anthem 'Evilmoogafooga'. Once again their large vibrant dirty bass grooves come into play with superb electro effects giving the vocal a new dimension on the 'Vocal Mix'. The 'Dub' isnt necessarily a dub mix but a deeper alternative that downtempo junkies will lap up.

A pick n mix of reworkings here, but all of them take the track to fresh new places, and as such have been getting major support from both the dj fraternity and the dance press alike. Get kinky, you know you want to...

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