Artist: Subsky
Title: Alien On Earth EP
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 17 January 2005
  • A: First Day
  • B: Second Day

Subsky "Alien On Earth EP"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Turkish producer Goktug Citci returns to Deep Focus with the follow up to his early 2004 release 'The DISCOllective EP'. Having steadily risen into the spotlight over the course of the last few months, following in the footsteps of his fellow countryman and good friend Yunus Guvenen, Goktug's work as Subsky has become a favourite amongst many, and this latest EP project 'Alien On Earth' sees him wander off on a slight tangent, and showcase a slightly different side to his sound.

'First Day' takes a funkier, more house inspired route than we are used to hearing from Subsky, but the rocking bassline still manages to make it relevant to the dancefloor, gathering up all the subtle elements and sounds and throwing them into one big melting pot that comes together nicely. Add in some piercing stabs and spiraling chord sections, and what we have is one smooth excursion through the realm of melodic house, with a sprinkling of that emotive Subsky charm.

'Second Day' takes things deeper, into the more familiar pumping 4/4 groove that is a trademark of much of Subsky's production work. The melody is more prominent here, with added synths and uplifting strings providing some melancholy right at the centre of the track, and whilst it does indeed venture towards trance influences more so than it's counterpart, it does so without becoming overblown and pretentious.

Focus continues to be one of the only labels intent on some real artist development, giving each individual the chance to showcase their talent by highlighting the originals works and ideas that these people the world over has to offer. Whilst the 'Alien On Earth EP' isn't exactly moving the boundary that much further, it does indicate a slight change in direction for Subsky that will no doubt become more apparent over the next few months.

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