Artist: Subsky
Title: DISCOllective EP
Label: Deep Focus
By: Chloe Harris | 25 March 2004
  • A: At Night
  • B: Do You Want To Play

Subsky "DISCOllective EP"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Goktug Citci lays down the funk with his latest EP, 'DISCOllective'. Subsky, who's quickly becoming a veteran in the studio, produces his housiest tunes to date with a mixture of pumping basslines, groovy trippy heady sounds, and solid drums.

Subsky has a knack for creating grooves that play with your head and 'At Night' does just that. A cleaver shuffling groove with a smooth synth bounces along piano drops and chord changes. A funky feel and swirling effects really take hold then fall into a break. Cystalized synths emerge, as does a new bassline. The low brooding tone works its way underneath a downtempo break beat, while a twisting synth argeggiation builds randomly in the background. A smooth transition back into the house beats riding along nicely to the end.

'Do You Want To Play' sees Subsky focus even more on the grooves. A low pumping bassline swings perfectly inside tech beats and trippy electronic floating sounds. Light arpeggiations come in and out of the mix while the tune builds. Loads of gated effects swallow the tune up while a sassy synth brings us into the break. Looming synths line the atmosphere and drop us back into the beats. A tough groove starts in again with the drums building and chord pads falling on top and twisting off.

Subsky changes things up on this record; with much more of a prominent house influence than his last few productions, but equally as beautiful and fun. This is a great release for Deep Focus whose catalogue has been outstanding to date.

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