Artist: Subsky
Title: Not Yet / Harikari
Label: Confi-Dance Records
By: Chloe Harris | 31 October 2003
  • A: Not Yet
  • B: Harikari

Subsky "Not Yet / Harikari"

Out Now on Confi-Dance Records

2003 has been a big year for Subky. His track 'Strawberry Fields' was featured on Nick Warren's Global Underground Reykjavik album, and later released on Release Records. He has a single forthcoming on Nascent Recordings, as well as remixes for serveral labels as well. However, right now he has this new single on Confi-Dance, featuring two very different sides of his sound in the form of 'Not Yet' and 'Harikari', fusing elements of trance with various other styles.

'Not Yet' is a beautiful tribal track that was featured on Moshic’s recent essential mix. The bassline grooves underneath, while warbly sounds and drums start building up. Gaining momentum, lush synth lines carry this tune far into a deep breakdown. Collapsing sounds mix with a vocal sample. The break is long, but the build brings the right intensity to pop back into the drums. Roaring synths keeps it moving all the way till the end.

'Harakiri' is a tougher tune with a slight techno edge. Tribal drums once again start us off, while a growling bassline comes in quick. A spooky lead synth looms overhead, while heavy chord stabs cut into the beats. Quick changes keep the song moving right into a break. Electronic bleeps twist with piano drops and uplifting swooping sounds. An old trancey arpeggiator sound takes over the break, builds energy back up and pops back into the heavy bass and beats. A proper progressive trance tune with loads of movement.

This is release number three for Confi-Dance and what a corker it is. Subsky has lovely trancy elements on both tracks, and the drums and peak time sounds should set dancefloors moving in no time.

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