Artist: Subsky
Title: Senza Fine EP
Label: Urbantorque Recordings
By: Colin C. | 19 March 2007
  • A1: Who Cares
  • B1: Something In The Sound
  • B2: Ses

Subsky "Senza Fine EP"

Out Now on Urbantorque Recordings

Looking over the past decade so far to find a producer who's work pushes and pulls our melodic heart strings its hard not to think of Goktug Citci's growing catalog of work as Subsky. From exploding onto the community with 'Four Days' being championed by Paul Van Dyk, to helming Red Flag collective with Yunus and Muzo, there's always been an element of cross pollination from different corners of the electronic spectrum in his work and his latest on Urbantorque is no exception.

Across these three tracks presented on the 'Senza Fine EP', Goktug keeps his focus on crafting tracks that are centered on a slippery groove. 'Who Cares' comes in first as the A side, building in a minimal house centric foundation. The tone of the track quickly shifts into brighter territory, as the sharp bass line shows up complemented by some interesting string arrangements. The use of the strings as the major hook of this track revokes feelings of what Dimitri From Paris was channeling back in the 90s and adds an interesting twist to the Subsky sound. Goktug uses only a stripped down kick and a few percs to bring in a quick build down before slowly rising everything back in while implementing a conga rhythm and a shiny lead. A pretty groovy number all around as the whole eight-minute adventure is kept light and airy with perfectly executed key changes to boot.

Moving to 'Something In The Sound', Goktug continues to take us down a silky smooth house route. This time the kick and foundation lean even more into the electro realm while a warbling bass-line drives this one a little stronger than its companion on the a-side. A quick vocal sample can also be heard circling throughout the production, giving us a little something more to chew on as we float along. The use of higher octave melodic elements in the break down is one of my favorite aspects of this track, as it fuses nicely with the sub bass tones that rumble under them. An ever-growing affair, this tune has to go down as one of my favourite Subsky works since 'Strawberry Fields'.

Last up 'Ses' rounds things out with a real tech influence as the kick and snare move in a punctual manner, helping the surrounding elements work their syncopation into a fluid motion. Fans of the more minimal side of things will take a shine to this, as the elements don't change up quite as much as you expect from a Subsky release. Everything crafted in this supports the groove, and doesn't distract you, which could easily be confused with boredom if you don't have a place in your crate for minimal numbers. What works for me are the subtle effects and change ups that precisely crafted, showcasing excellent control by Goktug of his production skills.

The 'Senza Fine EP' is a nice, well-rounded selection of music that provides an enjoyable experience. Each track has something to define it, while keeping in tune with the over all vibe. Recommended not only for Subsky fans but for one's searching out something that can draw from times past without sounding cliched and transparent.

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