Artist: Subsky
Title: Strawberry Fields
Label: Release Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 October 2003
  • A: Max Graham Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Subsky "Strawberry Fields"

Out Now on Release Records

Producer Goktug Citci is one of many talents within the Turkish dance community. His friend Yunus Guvenen is perhaps the most well known production talent to come out of Istanbul, but Goktug is by no means a newcomer. Having been involved in learning production and djing for almost the past decade, his only release until now was the track 'Four Days', which was released on Sadie Records under his production name of Subsky. The track received across the board support, but he quickly faded away into the background once again, continuing to produce many new tracks and hone his sound further and further. When 'Strawberry Fields' found it's way to Nick Warren, he was so impressed the track quickly found it's way onto his Global Underground Rejavik album. Since then, Subsky's career has been on the rise, and 'Strawberry Fields' is the first of many new releases to watch out for over the coming months.

Signed to Canadian label Release Records, the label called upon their long time associate 'Max Graham' to provide the remix which is found on the a-side. Max remains faithful to the warm melodies of the original, but adds some deep percussive elements which lead into the main section of the mix nicely. Slowly dark pulsating synths work their way into the groove, with the atmospheric pads slowly dropping out to reveal a huge filtered melody section that builds up with great use of drops at key points in the mix, key changes adding depth as the track explodes during the final half, ensuring this peak time rework decimates all in it's path. The Max Graham magic fuses with the warmth and energy of Subsky's arrangement with dramatic results.

Subsky's 'Original' on the other hand opts for a slightly more reclined pace, focusing more on the percussive layers and melodic elements which are highlighted with carefully placed pads and atmospheric effects. A steady groove keeps things moving, as more layers of sound are worked in as things moved along, the main melody slowly unraveling itself. As the track reaches halfway it unravels into a gorgeous melodic solo with soaring pads adding more energy, with the intricacy of the production really shining through.

An excellent showing from one of Turkey's finest, and with forthcoming singles on labels such as Nascent, Confi-Dance and more to follow, in addition to collaborations with Yunus and Muzo B, expect to see a lot more of Subsky's work on a shop shelf near you, sooner rather than later.

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