Artist: Sucker DJs
Title: Circles / Outdoor Punks
Label: Kinky Vinyl
By: Simon Jones | 23 March 2004
  • A: Circles
  • B: Outdoor Punks

Sucker DJs "Circles / Outdoor Punks"

Out Now on Kinky Vinyl

The Sucker DJs, Stretch Silvester & Ben Macklin have been earning quite a nice little fan base with the series of releases they've had on their own self titled imprint. Now they branch out and land on the roster of well known London label Kinky Vinyl, and as one might expect, 'Circles' and 'Outdoor Punks' continue on where previous Sucker singles have left off.

'Circles' is a good old acid house outing, big tribal rhythms and pounding drums riding bareback on a seriously wigging and funky house groove. An old skool vocal hook flickers through the jackin beats and when all is said and done this addictive and upbeat little number will get your ass shaking. See you on the dancefloor.

'Outdoor Punks' takes the more purist house stance, but is equally as jacking. Big bass and funky drum arrangements are what make the difference here and like it's twin on the flip this bangs the arse out of any speaker system it passes through. Pure party madness courtesy from the masters of party house anthems.

Kinky Vinyl is one of those labels where you never quite know what you are going to get from release to the next, the common theme seems to be funk but in the case of this tight little two tracker, jackin is back in once again.

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