Artist: Sworn
Title: Treatment Declined
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 May 2003
  • A: Mindless Mix
  • B: Demented Mix

Sworn "Treatment Declined"

Out Now on Method Records

Hot on the heels of his excellent 'Crazy Lady EP', Andy Moor does not rest on his laurels and follows it up with the latest productions to emerge from his Sworn project. 'Treatment Declined' follows on from tracks such as 'Dub Disorder' and 'Dark Amendments' and moves away from the dark grooves of those track into a more musical direction, where Andy now reveals the more musical side of his personality..

A shaking analogue style groove leads us into the 'Mindless Mix' as cinematic strings sweep in and out of the synth led percussion line. Vocal samples about a treatment and it's side effects slide to the surface on occasion as the mix slinks it's way forward. A melody line is introduced during the main section of the track with sub bass effects used to alter the key and chords to great effect as the breakdown sinks in slowly, gracefully bowing out to a beautiful string-laden outro that holds a certain grandeur within the big room production that we have come to expect to Andy Moor. Top stuff!

The 'Demented Mix' takes a different route, using electronic synths, sweeping bass and strings and key changes to create a mix that goes deep but keeps the pace up. Pulling you in as it moves along, the vocal samples add a sense of depth to the mix as a funky melody pushes things to the bass-led drop early on. As the rolling groove and melody fuse together as the track rises up once more, analogue stabs ripple throughtout, keeping it tight and rolling until the end.

Another well produced single from Andy Moor, who after several years of sitting behind the scene engineering other people's work is now really showing what he is capable of. Expect more from this promising young star over the coming weeks and months, including a remix of Oakenfold's 'Zoo York' which he has recently completed.

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