Artist: Three Drives
Title: Greece 2000
Label: Lost Language
By: Darren Rhys | 4 July 2007
  • A: Muskat Nuss Mix
  • B: Leama & James Davis Mix

Three Drives "Greece 2000"

Out Now on Lost Language

Freshening up of dance tracks from yesteryear seems as popular as ever, yet when I encounter updates of personal favourites of mine, I listen with a certain degree of apprehension. The reality is that the vast majority are simply not necessary. Greece 2000 has been dabbled with several times since it's conception, and here Lost Language recruit rising star Musat Nuss and the talented Leama & James Davis to offer their interpretations for 2007.

Bryan Raffault aka Muskat Nuss has been creating a buzz throughout the dance community thanks to his highly impressive debut solo tracks, and in previous years through collaborations with several other artists. I couldn't help but be intrigued by his mix of the track, given that I'm of the opinion that Muskat is a highly accomplished production talent. He has undoubtedly delivered again here, with a mix true to the original yet masterfully brought right up to date. The beautifully intricate weave of melodies and chugging percussion are present, stunningly augmented with fresh layers of emotive strings and a rock solid arrangement. A promising start to the package indeed.

Leama & James Davis take the reigns on the flip, with a brighter, more driving outlook. Punchy production and a bouncy electro bassline keep things moving optimistically until the initial break, where the hook of the original arrives in a low-pass filtered form, rising to prominence before being superseeded by the pumping electro elements again. The second break is where things really begin to fire into life, though, with an excellently programmed break riding alongside the original melody in it's purest form. In a devastating twist, the bassline shifts seemlessly from key to key, which is monstrous and emotive in equal measure. It's nothing we haven't heard before, but the result is massive. Things get a little more driving to close the track, ending in almost dub mix fashion. Excellent stuff.

Fans of the brilliant original will meet this release with some scepticism, but I urge you to check it out. Both mixes are fresh and up to date, yet stay true to the original. A justified release from Lost Language.

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