Artist: Tilt
Title: The World Doesn't Know (Ozgur Can Remixes)
Label: Lost Language
By: Simon Jones | 20 September 2004
  • A: Ozgur Can Mix
  • B: Ozgur Can Dub

Tilt "The World Doesn't Know (Ozgur Can Remixes)"

Out Now on Lost Language

'The World Doesn't Know' was the lead single to be taken from Tilt's forthcoming album 'Explorer'. Long anticipated, the album marks a long and storied legacy and at the same time an evolution in the group itself as Andy Moor becomes a regular piece of the puzzle, 'The World..' is a far departure from the Tilt sound of old, and these new remixes by Ozgur Can take that idea further still.

Ozgur's 'Main Mix' sees him grab the original by the balls and beef it up into a driving bass heavy interpretation with a sinister edge. Stripping away the overblown emotion, all that is left is a deep, sparkling and distorted epic that will pound the dancefloor into a state of submission, as this young up and coming talent delivers one of his finest remixes to date.

And then there's the 'Dub Mix', which leaves only the driving groove intact, feedback loops and cut up effects giving this more of a techno edge than Ozgur's first interpretation. Hard hitting and no nonsense in it's approach, this is the ideal mix for those who like things a little left of centre.

Two forward thinking remixes that add a totally different twist to this latest outing from Tilt. A star on the rise with forthcoming EPs on Precinct and Deep, in addition to several releases under his belt already, the future is an unknown but exciting prospect for upcoming young star.

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