Artist: Tim Davison
Title: Which Way Is Up / Catharsis
Label: Method Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 March 2007
  • A: Which Way Is Up
  • B: Catharsis

Tim Davison "Which Way Is Up / Catharsis"

Out Now on Method Records

Tim Davison, the DJ and producer from London has been quietly bubbling under for the last few years now, but lately has really stepped things up considerably, with a whole string of releases due to hit the stores and dancefloors in the coming months. Spearheading the charge is this latest release for Baroque sister label Method Records, a AA package featuring the tracks 'Which Way Is Up' and 'Catharsis'.

'Which Way Is Up' takes the lead, a great mid-set track that sees Tim weave sweeping atmospheric synths in and out of the techy rolling bass groove that provides the heart of the track. Linear key changes and the sparse use of an airy vocal sample change things up and keep the track interesting, and whilst not the most impactful of Tim's tracks, holds it's own in terms of arrangement and production.

'Catharsis' is an excursion into deeper territory, a mish mash of tech house moods and floating ambience washing over the vibrant and expanding percussive rhythms that lie below. A delayed breakdown really draws out the layered moods within, and adding a visceral late night feel to the overall piece of music.

This AA single is only a brief snapshot of what this talented Londoner is capable of. Both tracks have an understated appeal and great production that makes the single as a whole one you can place in the side of the crate when you need something to change up the mood of the night.

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