Artist: Tim Scott
Title: Confusion
Label: Binary Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 December 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Polekat Mix

Tim Scott "Confusion"

Out Now on Binary Records

Tim Scott's first solo single arrives on Binary, following on from releases on labels such as Additive and 3Beat. 'Confusion' builds on his previous releases, whilst sticking to the pumping formula that has been prevalent in recent output from the label, but whether it matches his brilliant Element N single 'Forward' on Fuju remains to be seen.

The 'Original Mix' starts off with some quirky percussive stabs and big rippling electronic bassline flapping about wildly. The indie style vocal gets pushed through an assorted range of vocoder and flange effects, with a cool future house groove riding underneath and controlling the pace of the mix, making this a nice little warm up track indeed.

It is the 'Polekat Mix' that is the better of the two though, with some trippy melodic lines and great atmospheric moods, backed by rapid key changes that take a standard electronic groove and turn it into a twisted and driving mix par excellence.

Polekat have done some great electro style tracks and mixes this year, and their remix here is well worth checking out, and Tim Scott's original, whilst not on a par with his other tracks, is worth checking out too.

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